Dear Zing Hr Customer,

FAQ Question: How do I map user role to an employee?


Experience@zinghr: Every employee in the system is empowered with a specific authentication to use the system. The user authorization depends upon the actons he/she is suppose to perform. Eg. Employees will get the basic access for updating the day to day activities like Leaves, Attendance, Self information updation, view payslip etc. where as the Manager's would requires screens to approve the Leaves, Attendance, claims etc. The HR/Admin user would requre an addition screens for Payroll processing, User Autorisation etc


In case if the appropriate rights are not given to the employees, they will not be able to view the required screens after logging the portal. Please note that the Employee role is assigned automatically to the new joiners.



You can execute following steps towards assigning a User role:


1. Go to organization management, click on "Define user role mapping"

2. Enter the employee code


Eg: "EMP001" to assign the rights and search


3. Click on "The role you want to assign to the employee" click on save.

And that’s it.. Now the role has been assigned to the employee successfully.