FAQ Question:  How to UPLOAD the Leave Group for/to my employees?

Experience @ ZingHR : Leave Types in Zing HR are handled/created in the system through what we call as LEAVE GROUPS. Leave Groups are a collection of different leave types that are available to that Role or that Employee that you choose in the system template.


If the Leave group is not uploaded to the employee, on the “Leave application screen” , no leave summary will be visible to the employees or it will show a pop up of “No leave mapped to you”. Hence to rectify this, HR/ Admin/ Processing team needs to do this activity. These are the mandatory steps which need to followed.


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Following 4 simple steps allows you to upload the LEAVE GROUP template:


Step 1: Go to “Data Upload Engine” module option that you see on your screen after you have logged in as an Administrator ( Employees do not get this facility). You now get to see this option “Download”. Click it (as shown below) to get the template of “Leave group”.

Step 2: Select the template as “LeaveGroupUpload” and click on Download.


(Note: Save the template in .xls format)

Step 3: The template will look as below. Add the details as mention in the screen shot


1. Employee Code: Enter the proper employee code

2. Leave Group description: Enter the leave group which need to assign to employee (For eg: Default or as per leave group set into the system.

3. From Date: Its a date from which you need to apply the specific leave type to the employee. (Note: date format should be in “YYYY-MM-DD” format)

Step 4: Upload the same file through “Upload” Screen:

The Below screen will be visible. Click on Browse and select the file and click on drop down icon and select Template Name as “LeaveGroupUpload” and click on the Excel Icon to to upload.

You will get the pop up of “Leave group updated successfully”




Your processing will now be accurate; On the leave application screen, all the leave types which are mapped under this leave group will be visible.