FAQ Question: How to do rostering (Shift Assignment) for Single employee?

Experience @ ZingHR : Zing HR enables the flexibility of mapping an employee to required shifts at given point of time.


If rostering (Shift Assignment) is not done for the employees, the employees attendance for that month will not be captured. Hence Rostering of employees is a mandatory steps which needs to be followed by the customer’s HR/Admin/processing teams.


You can execute following 5 simple steps towards Roster assignment for the employee:


Step 1:

First go to “Time & Attendance Management” module option that you see on your screen after you have logged in as an Administrator ( Employees do not get this facility ). You now get to see this option “Roster Admin”. Click it (as shown below) to get this “Roster Admin” Screen


Step 2:

Select the “From date” to “To Date” Range (For which period you need to do the rostering for an employee)

Step 3:

Select the appropriate shift which needs to be assigned to the employees

Step 4:

Select the “Search criteria” as “Employee wise” and Enter the employee code (For whom roster assignment needs to be done)


Step 5:

Select the Roster: Employee wise or Shift Wise


If you select “Employee Wise” you have to click on the icon before the employee code and then click on save

(Output: The selected shift will be assigned to the employee for the above selected date range)

If you have selected “Shift Wise”, the below screen will be visible to you.

you have two options like:

1. You can select the shift and assign the same shift to all only by clicking on “Set All”

2. You can select the shift as day wise (For eg. On 1st June you can select the shift as 08.00-16.00 and for 2nd June you can select as 09.30-05.30 and for 4th June select as a “Weekly Off”)




Click on “Save”

Once the rostering is done for the employee: The My Swipe Screen will reflect as “Rostered”.


Note: The attendance cycle processes in the evening, once its processed the swipes will be visible into the system.