FAQ Question: How to Lock and Unlock User Accounts through Organization Management Module ?


Experience @ ZingHR! : System empowers the HR/Admin team to Activate or Deactivate the user access to the system. 


Also this helps the HR/Admin team to release the locked user when employee enters wrong password more than 5 time’s on the portal.


You can execute the below steps to do the same:


Step 1: 


Go to Organization management - Click on "Manage User status"


Step 2: 


Put the employee code and select Filter - Choose “Contains” so as to find that employee. 

For employees whose account is locked , you will find tick mark under the option Disable, Locked , DeActive

Step 3: 


Uncheck the status and click “Save login details”

The system will show you a message “Your login details have been saved successfully”. The account is now unlocked, employee can login to his account.