FAQ Question: How to do employee card code mapping?

Experience @ ZingHR! Card code mapping helps to create a linkage between employee swipes and the system. Without card code mapping the system won’t be able to recognize the swipes belong to which employee so to create identification to an employee’s Punch IN, Biometric swipes we need to do card code mapping.


You can execute the following simple steps to do the card code mapping of the employee:


Step 1:

Go to TNA – Select employee Card Code mapping (Employees do not get this facility)


Step 2:


Auto card mapping:

If you want the employee code to be used as card number automatically then choose auto card mapping.


Bulk card mapping

a. Bulk card code mapping

1. Unmapped Employees: Will give you a list of all employees whose card code mapping is pending.

2. Mapped Employees: Will give you a list of employees whose card code mapping is done.


b. Attendance Mode: Lets you choose the mode for which you want to do card code mapping of the employees. Select the applicable Attendance mode. If there is more than one mode that is applicable you will have to repeat the process for every mode.


c. Select “Download employees for card code mapping”



System will throw a message asking “Do you want to open or save this file? “ – Save this file.



The below excel will be downloaded make the necessary changes


Enter the “Card No” applicable to the particular employee for that Attendance mode and save this file.



Go to file upload Browse for the saved file .Green dot indicates that the is uploaded. Click on the Attachment symbol to process the data in the system.


System will throw a message “Data Uploaded Successfully”