FAQ Question: How do I generate the Pay Slip for employee’s?


Experience @ ZingHR : Zing HR portal helps you enabling the Pay Slip of an employee for specific months.


Once the payroll process done, the HR/Admin/processing teams needs to generate the pay slips of an employee, so the employees will be able to see his/her pay slip for the specific month in users Zing HR login.

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You can execute following simple steps towards Generating the Pay slip of the employee:


Step 1:


First go to “Site Management” (appears when you login as an Administrator. Employees do not get this screen). Click on “Generate Pay Slip”.


Step 2:


You can generate the Pay Slip of employees using following options

Org level wise

Employee wise

Batch Id wise:


Option 1 - Org level wise:

Select an org level for which the pay slip needs to be generated



Option 2 - Employee wise

Enter the employee code in the below text box. (You can enter multiple employee code separated by comma”,”)


3. Batch Id Wise:

You can select the batch id which you have created at the time of Salary processing.



Step 3:


Choose the Year and Month for which the pay slip should be visible in Employees Zing HR

Step 4:

Click on “Generate Pay slip”

Once the Pay slip generated into the Zing HR it will be visible in the employee’s Zing HR login.