FAQ - How do I cancel my applied leave?

Experience@ ZING HR :  With amazing ZING HR it is easy and quick to Cancel Applied Leave. Just  login to ZING HR, you will get the screen where in just 5 clicks you can Cancel Applied leaves.  Follow the below instructions given below.

No Worries!!!! It's possible 

1. You want to cancel leave which is applied and approved for any selected date. For instance in below image it is 23rd, 24th & 25th March.


2. Cilck on “My Transaction History”.


3. Click on “Approved” tab.

4. You can search the leave you want to cancel & simply click on “View” for which leave you need to cancel leave.

5. Click on "View". Another window will pop-up click on "Cancel" to cancel the applied leave.

6. Once you click on "Cancel" a new Window will Pop-up where employee will have to add the Remark and cancel the leave.

Note : Once the employee will cancel the approved leave it will again go for approval to the reporting manager.