Attendance not visible

Experience@zinghr: Are you facing this issue that as an employee your swipes or status for particular date is not visible or is not showing proper status in you’re my swipes screen????

The main reasons for non-visibility of swipes are as follows:

(A) No Swipes – Have you checked if your swipes are available in your Login? Just go to “My Swipes” screen, here you can check your swipe details in the “swipe details” tab.

(B) Swipes delayed – In the “My Swipes” screen under the “swipe details” tab, you as an employee can check when your swipes are received on Zing HR database server.

If your swipes are delayed and your status is visible as “A” or “P-A”….. No Worries!!

Once the attendance process runs in the evening, the swipes status will be visible properly by next day.

( C) Shift not assigned  – Is your  “My Swipe” screen visible as blank or not showing any details, please check /contact with your respective HR that proper shift t is assigned to you or not. You will see the screen as the below screenshot if shifts are not assigned to you.


(D) CardCode Mapping - Card code mapping helps to create a linkage between employee swipes and the system. Without card code mapping the system won’t be able to recognize the swipes belong to which employee.

Please ask your Local HR to make sure that your CardCode mapping is done accurately.