Experience@ ZING HR :  

In case of applied Leave to edit employee will have to cancel the applied Leave and Re-apply for the Leave. If you have Planned the Leave you can Edit it.

1. Select month and then go on the date you want to plan leave and click on it, so that date will have a tick mark and then select type of leave you want.

2. As you would click on types of leave window will open, the dates will be automatically displayed as per the ticked dates fill in the details and then click on “Plan”. Plan Leave Request does not go to Manager for approval. It will go for approval only if you click on apply. It would also give you information about approval process.


3. When you want to edit that Leave that is planned Prior, cilck on “My Transaction History”.


4. Click on "Draft" tab. Here you will be able to  view all the Planned Leaves. Click on Edit to apply the planned leave. You can even make changes in the Leave details mentioned here.

5. Click on "Apply" once you have made the changes and you want to apply.