Experience@ ZINGHR:

Processing payroll was never so easy earlier. One doesn’t need remember to Add New joinees/ update employees attendance / Keep track of Investment declarations separately / holding or releasing some ones salary. System will do it for you. All major and important activities to process payroll has been put together on the screen called ‘Cockpit’. A tool for HR (a pilot of the flight called ‘Organization’) to control an important activity of Payroll Processing.

You can follow few simple steps to process monthly Payroll


Step 1:

  option on the dashboard menu. 

- The entire payroll process is divided in 3 parts - Input, Reconciliation and Reports.

- Lets start the process with collating all payroll related details in INPUT section.

Step 2

- Once you are through with all above required activities “Lock the Month”

proceed to

Salaries. System will pop out a window

- You can select employees for whom you want to process the salaries. The selection of the employees can be carried out basis on the employment status or individual employee code wise or bulk employee selection.

f the employees selected for payroll processing.

- Once you have created the batch, it will start appearing in the right panel.

- Click on Process Batch to process the salaries. The status can be viewed in the progress bar at bottom of the screen.

Once the Salary is processed, Lock

the batch. This should allow you to generate reports for the processed Batch