Single Employee Creation in Portal



Steps to be followed for creating single employee into ZingHR Portal



1.  For creating single employee into portal, do the login into portal with your proper 

2.  Go to Employee Master as shown into Figure 1.1


Figure 1.1


3. After clicking on employee master the below screen appears as shown in Figure 1.2


Figure 1.2


4. Click on Add Single Employee which brings another screen as show below in 

 Figure 1.3


Figure 1.3



5. Fill all the details into -

-> Choose Attributes For Employee Creation :

 1. Employee Group

 2. Attendance Group 

 3. Leave Group

 4. Calendar Group

 5.Attendance Mode Group

 6. Attendance Rule Group

 7. Company

 8. Department

 9. Sub Department

10. Level 

11. Designation

12. PMS

13. Zone

14. State

15. Location


-> Personal Information :

 1. Employee Code

 2. Salutation First Name Middle Name

 3. Last Name Father Name Date of Birth

 4. Date of Joining Date of Confirmation

 5. Address

 6. Country State City

 7. Postal Code PAN UAN

 8. Mobile No. Official Email Alternate Email

 9. CardCode Mapping Employment Type User Type

 10. Attendance Mode 1 Attendance Mode 2 Attendance Mode 3

 11. Reporting Manager 1 Reporting Manager 2 Reporting Manager 3



-> Compensation & Benefits

 1. CTC Variable Gross

 2. Bank Name Account Number IFSC Code 

 3. Select the options - I want to do salary breakup now or I will do it later

Note :- Fields with red color are mandatory, without filling mandatory field, it wont proceed further.


6. After filling all the above information click on SAVE button to save the data.


7. If all the above information is kept for approval than it will further go for Approval process & after getting approved the employee will be shown into system.