Bulk Employee Creation into Portal

Steps to be followed for bulk employee creation into ZingHR Portal



1.  For creating bulk employee into portal, do the login into portal with your proper 

2.  Go to Employee Master as shown into Figure 1.1


Figure 1.1


3. After clicking on Employee master the below screen appears as shown in Figure 1.2



Figure 1.2


4. Click on download option which will give the excel sheet with data to be filled in-




Mandatory Fields :
1. Type - U : Update , D : Delete , A : Add

2. EmpCode 

3. Salutation 

4. FirstName 

5. LastName

6. Date Of Joining

7. Date Of Confirmation

8. Date Of Birth

9. Reporting Manager

10. PaymentMode

11. BankName

12. BankAccountNo



5. After filling all the information upload the excel clicking on Upload File icon as shown in the figure-1.3



 Figure 1.3