Security MEASURES: captcha BASED LOGIN

  • 1. NEED:

    • A. Bots have been seen to be active at times on ZingHR Portal which are a security threat They try to apply multiple combinations to gain access to your employee accounts over time if not challenged to try and compromise the data if it can.

    • B. Where genuine users suddenly use the application much more than the standard behavior, there are ways in which intelligent systems at the back decide through available user data , if the ‘genuine’ users is really the one or not. Algorithms today decide the appropriate action of asking more questions and then giving access if the answer are correct.

    • C. There are times when the users will be asked to do additional responses to questions asked, and also times when there will be no questions asked. It is all part of the product check basis its machine learning algorithm.

ZingHR has increased its product feature sets available to meet this need. 


Introducing the algorithm driven Google CAPTCHA:


2. Implications for CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS:

None for current users where Google is allowed. Will not work if Google whitelisting is not allowed and users will not be able to login. 

Security of the account cannot be compromised by the BOTs anymore as this is the next level security feature.