FAQ: How to define Organization Level Units in the system?

Experience @ Zing HR: As per the defined/ set org levels in the In the system, Units are already defined into the same, but in future as per organization’s requirement If HR/ Admin needs to add more Org Level units into the system. Zing Hr platform empowers the HR/Admin to define Org Level Units into the system.

For Eg: If department is defined as your org level in the system, within which the different departments (Org Level unit) is defined like HR, Operations etc. Later in future if need be to add more departments (Org Level Units) like production, IT etc.

So, you can execute the following steps to do add the Org level units under the Org levels

Step 1:

Go to Organization Management and click on Define Org Level and Units tab.

Step 2:

  1. Click on "Org Level Unit" tab.

  2. Click on Add New Record.

Step 3:

In the Add New Record tab, fill the Org Level details.

  • Org Level Description: Select under which Org Level you want to map your Org Level Unit.

  • Org Level Unit Description: Insert the Description of your Org Level Unit which needs to be added under the Org level like Department.

  • Make sure you click on the Applicable check box, and then click on the Insert tab.

*(Note: The Org Level Unit Code and the Org Level Description can be same.)

When you insert your Org Level Unit the Unit is now visible in all the Org Level Screens.