ZingHR also supports integration with Microsoft Azure AD. The below image shows a brief overview of how integration works

Follow the below steps for Application Registration for successful integration with Azure AD

  1. Login To Azure Management Portal
  2. Click on Azure Active Directory  from left menu
  3. Get into Specific Tenant by Clicking on Name(if You don’t have any Tenant then create New one)
  4. Go to App Registrations
  5. Click on New application registration
  6. Now in the Name please Enter Name as “ZingHR – {CompanyCode}”
  7. In Application type  select "Web app/API"
  8. In the Sign-on URL enter the link "https://portal.zinghr.com/AzureApp/AzureSignin/Signin/{CompanyCode}"
  9. Click on Create button to proceed
  10. Now your Application is created it needs to be configured , click on the application from which you have created
  11. Click on All Settings icon button for setup
  12. Click on Keys
  13. Now enter key description and Select Duration as Never expires
  14. Click on Save
  15. Now Key is generated so copy that key from value column it needs to be shared with ZingHR
  16. Now Click on Required Permissions
  17. Click on Window Azure Active Directory
  18. Select Read and write directory data  from Application Permissions category
  19. Select Sign in and read user profile  from Delegated Permission category
  20. Click on Save , now close Enable Access section
  21. Click on Reply URLs
  22. Enter "https://portal.zinghr.com/AzureApp/AzureSignin/CallBack" in the text box and click on Save
  23. Now Configuration is Done

Once the configuration is done, you will need to share the below mentioned details with ZingHR

  1. ClientID: Go to Azure Active Directory -> App Registration. Select  your application and copy Application ID.  This is ClientID which  needs to be shared with ZingHR
  2. ClientSecret: The key which you have copied while doing App configuration
  3. Tenant Domain: Domain of the tenant
  4. TenantID: Go To Azure Active Directory -> Properties(of tenant). Copy DirectoryID and share the same with ZingHR