How to do ‘New-Initiation’??

You can follow the below steps for ‘New-Initiation’ on Zing HR :

IMP: New-Initiation process will help the admin to get all the employees in to the ‘PMS’ framework

         for Whom the PMS Policy is not applied.

1. Log in to your Zing HR account.

2. On the home screen left-hand top side click on select menu, then ‘PMS ‘ as shown below.

On the new window please click on the ‘Admin Menu’ and select the ‘Process Re-Initiation’

Next on the Process Re-Initiation page select the ‘Policy’ from the ‘For Assessment Year’ 


‘Policy to be Applied’ is set ‘Common’ for all employee (If you want to change then you can change

using the configuration settings).

Select the cut of date for ‘Goals’ submission, for that simply click on the calendar icon

and select the ‘Cut off date’.

List of all employees will be display, Who are new in to the organization and still not yet submitted

the goals.

Select the employee using the check box or enter the ‘Employee Code’ and search box.

Next click on the ‘Initiate Process’ and you have done it!..

Note - If you want to send a notification to employee then please select ‘Initiate with Notification’