How to do ‘Delete and Sync’employees in PMS??

You can follow the below steps for ‘Delete and Sync’ employees on Zing HR :

1. Log in to your Zing HR account.

2. On the home screen left-hand top side click on select menu, then ‘PMS ‘ as shown below.

On the new window please click on the ‘Admin Menu’ and select the ‘Process Re-Initiation’.

Next on the Process Re-Initiation page select the ‘Delete and Sync’ tab.

Select ‘For Assessment Year’(Policy) from ‘for assessment year’ dropdown.

Select ‘Policy Applied’ from policy applied dropdown.

Next select the employee and click on the ‘Delete and Sync’ button.

IMP : If manager wants to delete the employee from PMS framework then manager can use this 

          ‘Delete and Sync’ option.

Click ‘OK’ for the confirmation and done it!

If you want to ‘Delete and Sync’ for all employees then please select the ‘Delete and Sync for all’.

Note - If any employee policy will be updated or new employees name will not reflecting in

           PMS then you can use the ‘Delete and Sync for All’ process.

Click ‘OK’ for the confirmation and done it!