Configuration of SSO(Single Sign ON) for ADFS/AzureAD/Gmail/SAML 2.0:

Follow the below steps to map the ADFS (SSO :

Go to Setup Circle
à Portal à ADFS à Setting(Icon) à Select SSO Login Mode à Submit à Select XLS  

Note : ADFS Name and Email-Id/Attribute column has to be same.

Step1 : Select Setup Circle

Step2: Select Portal

Step 3 : Check for ADFS

Step 4 : Select Setting to confirm SSO Login Mode


There are two types of SSO Login Mode (Official Email ID or Attribute).
Select the requested one and submit.

Official Email ID 

If Active Directory ID is same as an  employee’s official email id then opt the option of Official Email ID while SSO Login Mode mapping.

Attribute :
If Active Directory IDs are other then official email id then opt an option of Attribute while SSO Login Mode mapping.
If you choose the SSO login mode as Attribute then create a new att
ribute and upload all Active Directory IDs as Attribute Unit, then map those units to respective employees.   

Go to Sso Configuration and Select newly created attribute SSO Login Mode mapping.


Step 5 : Go to XLS option and map the Email Id /Attribute where ADFS Name is unmapped by taking an action.

You can select the users you want to map or unmap, Click on pencil icon to map the user or lock icon to unmap the user. 

You can also download template and upload it for bulk mapping and unmapping.

Note : The Configuration process flow is same for AzureAD, ADFS, GMail, SAML 2.0