FAQ- How do I Add A FAQ On My Dashboard?

Experience@ZingHR: ZingHR lets you upload Frequently asked questions and create awareness among the employees in the organization.

Some of the FAQ's are as below:

  • Working Hours

  • Some important forms

  • Leave Policy/Attendance policy etc can be uploaded required on day to day basis.

You can execute following simple steps towards Adding the FAQ's on your zingHR dashboard:

Step 1: First go to “Site Management” module option that you see on your screen after you have logged in as an Administrator (Employees do not get this facility). You now get to see this option “FAQ Master” under FAQ management Click it (as shown below) to Add the FAQ.

Step 2:

Once you click on FAQ master the below screen appears on the screen – click on “Add FAQ“

Step 3:

Enter the details:

  • FAQ code

  • FAQ name

  • FAQ description

  • click on “SAVE”

This option lets you decide what will be the main Category under which you create subcategories.

Step 4:

Now after Saving the FAQ name You go to “FAQ Master” screen again and click on the option “Add FAQ Submaster” as shown below

You get to see the below screen wherein you can add details of sub master

  • From the drop down choose the FAQ under which you want to create a sub FAQ 

  • Create the sub FAQ code

  • Create the sub FAQ name

This option lets you decide what will be the Sub FAQ under the main FAQ 

Step 5:

Now after saving the FAQ name you go to “FAQ Master” screen again and click on the option “Add FAQ Details

The below screen appears…

  • Choose FAQ under which you want to create a Sub FAQ 

  • Choose the required Sub policy

  • Write description about the FAQ for readers understanding

  • Scroll down Upload the desired File from choose file, and save

Step 6:

Now click on Config Item

From the drop down choose the Dashboard category under which you want to put the file

Now click on New/Edit- “NEW” comes when you don’t have any FAQ under that dashboard as active and edit comes when you have a FAQ active under the selected dashboard.

Step 7:

Tick the “Is Active” icon this option will make the FAQ Active on the Dashboard selected