How do I reset employees Password?

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FAQ Question: How do I reset employees Password?


Experience @ ZingHR : There are scenarios where employees put wrong password for more than 5 times or If employee doesn't login more than 3 month in the ZingHR. In this case the employees account gets Locked/Expired. And system suggest the employee to “Contact the Administrator”


Here’s where ZingHR helps you. You can execute following 4 simple steps towards Resting the Password for the employee:


Step 1:

First go to “Site Management” module option. Available in the Administrator/HR role (Employees do not get this facility). Click on “Reset Password” option.

You can reset the password in following three different options

- Org level wise

- Employee wise

- Status wise


Step 2:


Option 1 - Org level Wise

Select an org level for which the password needs to reset

Option 2 - Employee wise:

Enter the employee code in the below text box. (You can enter multiple employee code separated by coma ”,”)

Option 3 - Status Wise:

Select the status of an employee whose password needs to be reset.

Select the appropriate option for resetting the password of an employee: (For Eg: If you select ‘Employee Code, the password would get reset as employees code)


If you select the option as “Random Number”, the password will be sent to employee’s email id.

(Note: Mail Id needs to be updated into the system)



If you can click on “Reset Password (Send Email)” then the password will be sent on employee’s email id.

Once the Password reset, employee needs to login with the changed password, and then personalize the password.

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