How to do ‘Reset’ process in PMS.

You can follow the below steps for ‘Reset’ process on Zing HR :

IMP : Reset process will enable the Admin and Managers to reverse or push back one level for

          approval.(Only one level can be reversed).

1. Log in to your Zing HR account.

2. On the home screen left-hand top side click on select menu, then ‘PMS ‘ as shown below.

3. On the new window please click on the ‘Admin Menu’ and select the ‘Process Re-Initiation’ 


4. Next on the Process Re-Initiation page select the ‘Reset’ tab.

5. Select ‘For Assessment Year’(Policy) from ‘for assessment year’ dropdown.

6. Select type of policy applied from "Policy Applied" dropdown.

7. Next select the ‘Process’ (Select the process where policy is pending for approval) by clicking 

    on "Goal Approval" tab.

8. Select ‘Phase’ and ‘Levels ‘as per shown in below screenshots.

    Note - ‘Phase’will be visible after the selection of ‘Process’.

             - Also select the phase and levels where policy is pending for approval.

9. After the selection of ‘Levels’, employee list will be displayed. Select the employee and click on

    the ‘Reset’ button.

10. Click ‘OK’ for the confirmation. Then the process is done.

11. The name will be reflecting one level down.

      Note - After the ‘Reset’ process policy will dropdown below only one step or one level.