Getting error of “Failure in updating Employee Approver Mapping, kindly try again” in th common screen??

[Note : This is for 4.1 client.]

Experience@zinghr: As a company's HR while doing manager mapping for Time and Attendance, are you getting the below error

Are you sure whether you are selecting the right module to map a TNA manager?

Dont Worry!!! Answer is right here....Kindly follow the below given steps

Step 1:

First go to “Common” module option that you see on your screen after you have logged in as an Administrator. You now get to see this option “Employee Approver Mapping”, click on the same.


Step 2:

Insert the Employee Code and select the appropriate module and click on fetch record.


Step 3:

If you want to mark the manager for Time and Attendance, request you to select “TNA” module and click on save. Your data will be visible on the respective page.