FAQ How to create a New Joinee?

[Note : This is for 4.1 Client]

Experience@zingHR – ZingHR provides you a very easy and systematic way of adding a New Joinee in system through ‘Employee Creation’ module.  It helps you in quickly adding new joinee from one screen and assigning them required rights for working on the portal.

HR/Admin to follow below mentioned steps to add New Joiners through Employee Creation.

Step 1 – Go to Employee Creation – Click on “Employee Master” Tab.

Step 2 – Add a new Employee.

1. Click on “Add new Employee” tab.

2. Org Levels, here we define where does the employee belongs to in your Organization Structure.

Step 2 – Fill the details of the New Joined Employee.

1. Fill the Personal Information/details of the New joinee, his/her Salary Details and his/her Other Details in the given tabs

2. Make sure you fill the “ * ” Asterisks marked column, those are mandatory

  • Personal Details:

1. Click on “Personal Details” tab.

2. Fill the Personal Details of the Employee. 

  • Salary Details:

1. Click on “Salary Details” tab.

2. Fill the Salary Details of the Employee.

  • Other Details:

1. Click on “Other Details” tab.

2. Fill in the Other Details of the Employee.

Step 3 – Assign the role to the Employee.

1. Make sure you assign the role to the Employee whether he/she is an Employee, a Manager, a HR or an Admin in the Other Details Column, by clicking on the Assigned Role tab and select the role from the drop down menu.

2. Assign the role and send it for the approval by clicking the tab “Save and Send to Approval”.

3. The HR/Admin approves the Details of the New Joinee, once the approver approves the joining request , the New Joinee becomes the Employee of the Company.