How to upload/add Org-Unit in the system?

[Note : Please refer below steps for 4.1 Client]

Experience@zinghr:  Org structure is an organizational hierarchy which defines how your business structure is placed.  ZingHR allows you to add Org units against each Org level like Location, designation etc.

You can execute following simple steps to add OrgLevel details:

Step 1: First go to “Data Upload Engine” module option that you see on your screen after you have logged in as an Administrator. You now get to see this option “Download”, click on the same.


Step 2: Select the template as “Unit Details” and click on Download.

(Note: Save the template in .xls format)


Step 3: You need to fill some mandatory details into the Template:

NOTE: Always remove Column”A” and Row from 2 to 5 as it contains explanatory data/ details.

(A) In ORGLevelID   - Mandatory

Here enter the level ID of the Org Level you are trying to create.

For example: If your designation is on the Org Level 7 then your ORGLevelID will be 7

(B) In ORGLevelCode - Mandatory

Here enter the Org Level Code against which you are trying to create the OrgUnit.

For example: If you are trying to create a new designation, enter the OrgLevelCode as “Designation”.

 ( C) In ORGLevelDesc -  Mandatory

Here enter/ copy the same details as ORGLevelCode

Enter the OrgLevelDesc as “Designation”.

(HR executive/ Sales Manager,etc)

(D) In UnitCode – Mandatory

Here please specify the new unit code

For example: So if you want to create a new designation, please write “HR executive/ Sales Manager”.


(E) In UnitDesc - Mandatory

Here enter/ copy the same details as UnitCode

(F) In ShortDescription - Mandatory

Here enter/ copy the same details as UnitCode

(G) In Applicable – Mandatory

Write “1” to make the field applicable

(Note: “1” represents “Yes”)




Step 4: Upload the same file through “Data Upload” Screen:


The Below screen will be visible. Click on Browse and select the file and click on drop down icon and select Template Name as “Upload Template” and click on the Excel Icon to upload.

You will get the pop up of “Data updated successfully”.

Step 5:  Go to Data Upload Engine and click on “Data Submit Upload”.

Select the Template/ Batch and click on “Click Here To Submit Batch”. Same pass by “Data Checker 1” and then “Data Checker 2”.