What is Unit Mapping....???

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[Note : This is for 4.1 Client]

Unit Mapping is when you have to map the new added Unit i.e location, state, branch, function, designation, sub function, etc.....

This activity is compulsory after the Unit Details are added.

How to do Unit Mapping....????

Download the Template from the Download Upload Engine.

2. Select Unit Mapping Template from the List mentioned and click on Download Icon.

The below given template will be downloaded and you can see the File in the Download section.

3.Once you open the Template , The first step is to delete the 1st column 

4.Clear all the cells that are pre filled by the system while downloading

5.Please note: Do not change the file name, In case there is a change in the name, the system will not accept the file while uploading.

6.Once all the Pre filled Data is Deleted from the Template, you can fill the required details. For eg: We have to add a branch for your company.

Please Note: It is mandatory to fill all the columns thus mentioned.

7. Once all the Details have been filled , the next step is to Upload the Template. You have to go to the same screen from where the template was Downloaded and click on Upload

  • Once you click on the Upload, the Upload screen will be visible to you. Next step is  to Upload file- Browse the Template and select it, then select the Template Name “Unit Mapping” and click on the “Ms Excel Icon”

  •  After Uploading , you have to pass the file through “Submit Upload

  •  As the file has passed through submit upload , the next step is to pass the file through “Checker 1”

  • As the file has passed through submit upload , the next step is to pass the file through “Checker 

  •  After Uploading , a message will be reflected on your screen. The required changes will be made in the system.

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