How do i Upload Data in the System?

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FAQ Question : How do i Upload Data in the System?


Experience @ ZingHR: Apart from the front end screens to capture the data, ZingHR also lets you upload data into the system through template upload. Templates are nothing but excel sheets that gathers information in a certain format and transfers it into the system. Template uploads are generally used in case if multiple records to be uploaded in the system.

You can do this in four simple step’s.


Step 1 :Go to Data upload engine select Download.


Step 2: From here you can choose the template depending on your requirement e.g For uploading Leave balance choose ‘Leave balance’ template. Select the desired template by clicking on the left hand side check box and then click on download.






Step 3: Save the downloaded file. This will give you the basic template. Enter the data in this template. Once you are done entering the data in the downloaded template. Save this file.



Step 4 : Now Go to Data Upload engine and select upload. In Upload File browse for the saved template. In Template name from the drop down choose the template name (It is same as the option you choose while download template e.g Leave Balance). Then go click on the Excel Symbol at the bottom of the page.

-After uploading the tracker if there is any mistake in the template system will throw the error file and the last column will mention the errors in the tracker. Rectify these errors and then upload the tracker again.

-If there is no error in the file it will update the same successfully in the system. And the system will display a message on your Screen.”Batch uploaded successfully”

Step 5 :Once the batch is uploaded successfully. You go to Data upload engine Choose submit Upload.

System will direct you to this page. Here go select the file you had uploaded and then go click on click on Submit Batch button which will submit the uploaded tracker successfully in the system. And message that batch is successfully submitted will prompt on the screen.

Step 6 :Once the batch is Submitted successfully .You Go to Data upload Engine Choose Checker 1. Repeat step.......





Step 7 :Similarly submit the data through Checker 2


*Note : Checker one and Checker two ensures that you verify the data before uploading it into the system.Select against the particular template and scroll to the right there you have the option to view the data and Download the template. You can thus ensure that you enter correct details in the system.








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