FAQ – How to set/ change the SLA mapping in Helpdesk?

Experience@zingHR: The SLA tab helps to define the Helpdesk process flow. You can create a linkage between the categories, sub category, call owner, escalation point and SLA time.

Step 1:

OrgLevels , here we define the Org Levels based on which you want to define the helpdesk process.

For example: If you have different call owners/ escalation owners based on different location then you can you can select “Location” as the Org Level.

Please note if your OrgLevels are already defined then we request that you don’t change the order as it will delete the previous configuration. 

Step 2:

You can now click on “Edit” option against the OrgLevel for which you want to define / change the SLA


Step 3:

For defining a new SLA work flow:

You can define a new SLA from the Configuration Tab.

Or you can simply edit the existing one from clicking on the edit option given below.

The category, sub category, call owner, escalation point are predefined in the system through the above steps. Here you only select it from the drop down.

In SLA tab you will define the time for which a query will be pending with the call owner before it gets escalated to the escalation point.