FAQ - How to define escalation list?

Experience@zingHR: Do you want to create a new escalation list? Or Edit information about existing owner?

Quick Steps to do so are as follows:

Step 1: First go to “Help Desk Management” module option that you see on your screen after you have logged in as an Administrator.

 You now get to see this option “Call Owner”, click on the same. If the Call owner does not answer the SLA, the query gets escalated in the escalation list.

Step 2:

(A) For creating New Escalation List

· Select Employee Name (From the drop down option)

· Ensure that the employee ID is reflecting in the system. The query will get trigged on this Email ID

· Make sure you enter the employee’s contact number

· After filling in the able details, click against “Applicable”

· And then click on “SAVE”


(B) For editing the existing escalation list

· If you already have escalation list into the system, you can simply click on “EDIT” and make the necessary changes and SAVE.

· For deleting a particular employee, just click on “X”.