How ZingHR application maintains confidentiality of  data and access?

ZingHR has a defined standard access control process for maintaining confidentiality of data. Access to any system or information is regulated by giving logical access control to authorized users only on need to know basis as per access control matrix.

Does the solution support integration with customer's processes and information?

Yes, ZingHR application supports integration with various customer processes. We have developed API’s for processes like for example for Login via ADFS, Employee Master Information, Attribute Master etc.

How and on which port communication happens with ZingHR application?

Communication with the ZingHR application is established over
secured port  443 ( Https )

Does the ZingHR solution access the database directly?

Access to database is possible only via code in a secure manner with proper authentication. Database access is protected against query injections and suspicious activities. No separate services is allowed access within the application