Weekly-Off and holidays are not reflecting in ‘Time And Attendance ’ dashboard.


Case - 

In employee Time And Attendance ’ dashboard Weekly-Off and holidays are not reflecting.

Solution -

Need to check ‘weekly-Off or holidays ’ are assigned to particular group or not.

You can follow the below steps to for assigning ‘weekly-Off or holidays ’ on Zing HR :


  1. Log in to your Zing HR account.

  2. Click on ‘Setup Circle ’ on the right-hand top side of the screen and then click ‘Time & Attendance ’.

  3. Next click on ‘Setup Calendar ’.

  4. On the next page, please check left side ‘weekly-Off or holidays ’ list are uploaded or not?.

  5. If not please upload the same using ‘Add’ button.

  6. Next enter require field and click on ‘Add’ button and done it!!!.

  7. Same way you can add holiday as well!!!