Experience@Zinghr: The below steps elaborates the process of adding employee qualifications details in  Employee My profile

Step 1: Login to the portal and navigate to the Employee Master icon in the left hand menu (9dots).


Step 2: In the Employee Master screen, Click on Download ED Template in the right-hand side menu(horizontal bars)


Step 3: Delete the first column (instructions column).


Step 4: In the file, you can see many sheets which needs to be filled. Please refer the Master Data Sheet for the data that should be filled in the columns and prefer the format mentioned in the rows (1,2,3).step4.png


Step 5: Fill the Qualifications Details in the Qualifications Details sheet and save.

Step 6: Finally, navigate again to the Employee Master screen, in the right-hand side menu(horizontal bars) and click on Upload ED template option.



 Note: If you are facing error message/alert message as "No. Of Columns mismatched", please check the below points:
1. Check whether you have added any new columns/ mistakenly changed any columns headers

2. Check whether you have deleted the first column (from all sheets)