Experience@Zinghr: The below steps elaborates the process of uploading documents in the Documents section of My profile

Step 1:  Login to the portal and Navigate to Document Upload in the left side menu.

Step 2:  Document Upload screen looks as below


Step 3: Select the document type from the Document type dropdown.


Step 4: Select the document type and Enter the Document Name in the Name field. 



Step 5: Search for the employee for which the document needs to be uploaded/ Select all employees for bulk upload.

Step 6: Select the employee/ employees and click on Choose File option.




Step 7: Select the file which needs to be uploaded.
(Note: Please make sure that the filename is the same as employee code )

Step 8: After the file is selected, there is a status shown in the Status columnas Valid/ Invalid.
If the status is Valid, click on Validate & Upload Button

Step 9: After clicking on the Validate and Upload button, there is a remark shown in Remarks column as Uploading and you can see the progress bar above the employee details section. 


Step 10: After the file is uploaded successfully, the progress bar goes green and shows status as 100% and also in the Remarks column you can see there is a message "File Uploaded Successfully."
Now you are free to close the window.