RNR Module - Functionality

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RNR Module - Functionality


Screen 1: Login


Welcome to the ZingHR Portal Screen. Please login with your credentials - Company Code, Employee Code and Password.


You can click on ‘Remember Me’ to save your User ID for your system, or ‘Forgot Password’ in case you haven’t saved your password, can’t remember the password and are unable to login with your password.





Screen 2: Menu>> Rewards & Recognition


On the portal home screen, click on the menu symbol on the top-left corner to view all the modules. Select the Rewards & Recognition icon as displayed below.




Screen 3:RNR Landing Page


After selecting the Rewards & Recognition icon, you will be able to view the Landing Page of RNR, which shows the Leader-board and Live-feed along with all the programs that an organization has under Rewards & Recognition.





Screen 4: Leader-board


The badges and their respective currencies are computed and converted into smileys. The employees who have received badges with the highest values, have the most number of smileys.


The ranking displayed below are as per the smileys each employee has earned (i.e. Higher the number of smileys, higher the employee ranks on the Leader-board).


Top 3 ranks are gold, silver and bronze.


On the left side of the ‘Leader-board’ screen, any employee can select ‘Give a Badge’ button to give a badge and show appreciation to an employee.





Screen 5: Give a badge pop-up


Upon selecting ‘Give a badge’ from the Leader-board, the ‘Give a badge’ pop-up appears on the screen with badge options (as many badges created). Select a badge, the badge description appears for the same by default.


Select the employee name and write the reason for giving the badge. Click on ‘Done’ after entering all the information.









Screen 6: Leader-board >> Top Receivers


The Leader-board screen shows the top 10 badge ranks/receivers. Further ranks can be seen by using the Next Button.


To view rank holders who belong to a specific location, department or as per month/year, select the filters.





Screen 7: Leader-board >> Top Receivers >> Filters


Filter badge holder/s by location/department/month using the filter as shown below. Clicking on ‘Departmen’ will display all the departments. Select one/multiple options from the box.





Filter badge holder/s by Month/Year, using the ‘Month/Year’ filter as shown below. Clicking on ‘Month/Year’ will display all the Months/Years applicable. Select one/multiple options from the box.



The filters will be applied as below.







Screen 8: Leader-board >> Top Receivers >> Clear All


To remove all the applied filters, click on ‘Clear All’.




Screen 9: Leader board >> Top Receivers >> Name Search


The search field lets you search for employee/s by name.




Screen 10: Leader-board >> Ranks


There may be multiple employees sharing the same rank because of the same number of smiles.


In this case, all these employees will be given equal preference in terms of ranking.


For instance, all the employees who have 10 smiles, are ranked 22 (equal preference). The next rank starts at 27, since 5 employees (from 22 - 26) have the same smiles.





Screen 11: Leader-board >> Top Givers


Top Giver is the Ranking board for Givers just same like the receivers section. It shows the badges given by an employee to his/her colleagues and who is the highest giver.









Screen 12: Leader-board >> My Profile


My Profile shows the Badges that you have received and the badges which you have awarded to others.



Reason for receiving the Badge can be seen by clicking on the Badge Image.




Screen 13: Give a Badge Master Page


This Page is like a Home Page for badges. It displays all the badges at one view. Any Badge that you wish to award can be clicked on and it opens the same Give a Badge pop-up.








Screen 14: Live-feed


Live-feed is platform to display the awarding of Badges on a timely basis. Live-feed is at 2 places


  • 1. As a Widget on the Home Page of the Portal


  • 2. As a separate independent page in the RNR Module



Live-feed has got the filters of Badges and Dates



RNR On Mobile App


Give A Badge

The user screen to give quick badges to peers thus creating instant recognition


Leaderboard shows the ranking system within the organization along with the search and filter functionality. This is same as the leaderboard on WEB Portal.

Live Feed

This is the same live feed which appears on both Mobile and WEB in front on the home page. User can check real time updates about the badges given within the organization on the go.





My Rewards

This section shows the badges the logged in employee has received till date

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