Overview :

Travel has a integration with Outdoor module,

When a employee creates a Travel Request, after Level 1 approval from Travel,  Outdoor will be automatically applied on that applied dates on the dashboard and the Outdoor functionality will be continued .Legends will be changed after the Job Run.

1. Go to Travel Request from Dashboard 


2. Create Travel Request

 Submit and Send for approval of Travel Request

3. After First Level of Approval of Travel Request, On the dashboard of employee,ODT Approved status and Raw swipes will be displayed on the mouse-over of the dates on which Travel Request was been applied.

After the job run the Outdoor legends will be changed

  • For Enabling the Travel Outdoor Functionality, you need to contact the Technical Support team 
  • Note  : While travel transaction is in pending at approver, an employee has applied the OD and approved by an approver then once the travel request is approved then OD transaction will not be showcased on Dashboard.