How to do Manager mappingfor the Travel Module

Request you please follow the below steps for the Travel Module mapping 

1.First need to clicking on the hamburger icon on the top left hand side



3.Fill in the following necessary details of the employee.

1. Please remove 2nd and 3rd row keeping header fields and insert the data for upload. 

2. Enter Employee code

3. Enter Travel Type If it Domestic Or International 

4. Enter Approver employee code(Only enter as per the work-flow )  

5. Enter the Employee Code of Travel Desk who handle the Accounts

6. Enter the Employee Code of Travel Desk who handle the Hotel

7. Enter the Employee Code of Travel Desk who handle the Ticket

8. Enter the Employee Code of Travel Desk who  handle the Car



5.At end Click on the Submit button.Now we are done with Travel manager mapping