Configuration of CTC Claim in ZingHR

There are two ways for assigning the Claim Eligibility for CTC Claim :
1. Eligibility will be assigned through Salary Structure/Payhead.
2. Eligibility will be assigned through file upload.

This documentation contain detailed information about CTC reimbursement with respect to claim eligibility which are mapped to Salary head (Payhead).

These employees claim eligibility will contain as per employees salary structure.

While dealing with Employee CTC Eligibility, Following things which needs to be consider

  • 1. Claim type should be mapped with Salary head. (Refer Screenshot 3)
  • 2. Claim should be ‘Active’ and should be defined as ‘CTC Claims’. (Refer Screenshot 3)
  • 3. Corresponding salary head should be applicable = 1 and monthly amount should be greater than 0. (Related with Payroll Module)
  • 4. Claims rules should be defined as per need.
    .g. for attendance impact, prorate impact, carry forward eligibility impact.

Note : Attribute wise eligibility setup should not be defined for CTC claims.

Mapping Claim with Salary Head :

Go to Setup Circle --> Claim Rule Builder

Step 1:  Click on Add claim type

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2 

3. Enter below details. This step will map Claim type with Salary head. 

    a. Enter Claim Type Code : Do not enter spacing  (To replace the spacing, we can use underscore sign)  & Do not                   enter special character like { .   ,  '  % * ^   & -  dash......etc.)

    b. Enter Claim Type Description :  Do not enter special character like { .   ,  '  % * ^  & -  dash......etc.)
         select category as ‘CTC Claims’, 

    c. Select CTC Reimbursement structure headThese are salary heads whose claim eligibility needs to be configured             as per salary structure amount.

    d. Tick the option 'Applicable'.

Note : Without creating the at least one Claim Sub Type, do not proceed ahead for configuring the Claim Rule.

Screenshot 3

Step 2 Click on Add Claim Sub Type 

Enter Unique Claim Sub Type Code, Claim Sub Type Description, Claim Type, Sort Order, Applicable.

Please refer above mentioned rules/restrictions as same as Claim Type

Step 3: Design Claim Form using Form Designer

Form Designer :
Below mentioned fields are mandatory fields while defining any type of the Claim Application Form.
[i.e. Bill Date or Bill Month, Bill Amt., Claim Amt., Remark, Upload]

Step 4: Configuration of CTC Rule.

Make a Note, once the below rule is set and eligibility got assigned to employees then suggest you to do not modify the mentioned rules.

1.  The claim applications for the selected claim type will be for (Financial Year / Calendar Year) :  Based on the selected criteria, eligibility will be set. i.e. Calender Year pattern as 'January-December' OR Financial Year pattern as April-March

2. Eligibility Accrual Crediting Frequency Type (Daily/Monthly/yearly)

3. The Eligibility for the selected claim type will be maintained (ClaimTypeWise/ClaimSubTypeWise)

4. Define Date of Joining(DOJ), Prorate, Eligibility accumulation rules as per need. This is rule functionality is defined for new joinee.

5. Action to be taken for balances. (Lapsed/Carryforward/No Action)

Note : Map rest of the claim rules as per requirement.

Step 5: Define the Approval Workflow.

Step 6: Upload the eligibility through Payroll Module against the defined Salary Payhead with the help of Payroll User.

Step 7: Map the CTC Claim to Claim Packet & Map the respective packet to employees those are applicable to said CTC claim type.

Step 8: Once all the above steps are configured properly, then only raise the JIRA to tech support team to run the ONE TIME CTC Script.

This step assigns the eligibility based on claim crediting frequency. i.e.,
If Monthly then month wise eligibility will get assigned. (i.e. 01-Apr-2020 to 30-Apr-2020 , 01-May-2020 to 31-May-2020.....likewise of 12 months eligibilty)
If yearly then only single yearly eligibility will get assigned. (i.e. One entry of eligibility as 01-Apr-2020 to 31-Mar-2020

This ONE TIME CTC process will be done whenever there is a new CTC Claim is created in system.

Step 9: After executing the above steps, request you to schedule & enable the CTC JOBs on ZingHR server only once with the help of IT Team as per an attached sample JRF (Job Requisition Form).

There are two JOBs which need to be scheduled on ZingHR Server for below purpose:
1. Claim Accrual & Carryforward
2. Salary Revision

Note :

1. Make sure that for CTC claim type will be having one eligibility setup (Either Based on Salary Structure or            Eligibility file Upload or Attribute Based)

2. Claims whose eligibility is based on Attribute, those are normally defined under NON-CTC section.

3. Accrual process of CTC claims is dependent on last payroll closed month.