NON CTC Claims are not visible on Dashboard 

Note : This FAQ is applicable, if NON CTC Claims are configured based AttributeWise Eligibility Setup.

Pls refer below checkpoints : |

  1. Check on which attribute, the eligibility setup is done.

  2. Check the attribute which is assigned to an employee w.r.t the attribute of eligibility setup.

  3. If attribute is mapped to an employee then check for assigned attribute’s eligibility setup is available or not.
    Example : Eligibility setup is based on Attribute : Designation and employee has been mapped with Designation : then check eligibility configuration is done Designation or not

  4. If above setup is available and claim packet mapping is done today, then eligibility will be auto assigned on next day (if NON CTC JOB is scheduled).

  5. Note : Also If No Claim form Type is defined with number of voucher in Claim Rule so same has to be mapped.

    6. User can check the assigned eligibility, by fetching the Claim Eligibility Report.

    Refer an attached NON CTC JOB JRF for reference for NewJoinee & Exisiting Employees.