DR Server is Cold Standby or Hot Standby? If it's Cold Standby, what's the Time loss?

We are Cold Standby with 2 hours to recovery at the current product platform prices.


What is the cost if Customer wants Hot Standby DR?

Please speak with ZingHR Sales.


How is RPO / RTO time taken arrived?

As per ZingHR standard backup policy, the automated backups process starts daily at 9.30 pm and completes in approx. within 6-7hrs. for all customer instances. In case of any service disruption after the backup process is completed ZingHR performs the backup restorations from the online backup store. Hence the RPO is arrived at maximum 24 hrs. and recovery process time (RTO) will take 4 hrs. to restore back the services.

Database restorations checks are performed on weekly basis and reviewed every six month.

ZingHR also provides real time replication feature is available at an additional cost. Please get in touch with ZingHR Customer Support Representative.