Can Customer use all the resources they pay for ZingHR?

As with all UnitedHosting product we do not oversell or oversubscribe our cloud infrastructure. We do not use words like 'shared' or 'burstable' when describing our cloud hosting. All the resources that are quoted are 100% dedicated to your cloud service.

ZingHR application is presented on which platform and architecture? (ex: Cloud, SOA, SaaS, N-Tier, client server, etc.)

ZingHR application architecture is a 3 tier architecture. The tiers include Business, Presentation and Database. The application is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud services. The core technologies used in developing the application are .Net 4.5, MVC, MsSQL

I don't see what I am looking for on your website, help?

If the information on our site does not meet your requirements please reach out to us. We can tailor our services to meet your exact requirements.