How to access the Reports??

You can follow the below steps for accessing ‘Report ’ on Zing HR :

1. Log in to your Zing HR account.

2. On the home screen left-hand top side click on select menu and then ‘Investment Verification ‘

    as shown below.

In Report Section user will get three tabs as shown below:-

1. Current Data - In this section you will get the last 3 months data.

2. Historic data - You will get historic data which is more than 3 months old and less than 60

                             months (5 Years).

3. Create Custom Reports - Here you can be able to create the custom reports as per your

                                               organization requirements.

Current Data -

Select the report -

Select the attributes as per your requirements -

Select the column from which you want to extract data -

Sort the column using just drag and drop -

After that, click on the ‘Preview ’ button.

If you want to export this data then click on the ‘Export to Excel’ button.

Create Custom Report -

Click on the ‘Create Custom Reports ’ and select ‘Data set’ and click on the ‘Next’


On next page select the ‘Report Name ’, ‘Select Category ’, and select columns for

the report and click on ‘Next ’ button.

After selecting the columns user needs to set the display order if required.

Otherwise user can click on save button and after finishing the process, report will be

visible in packet definition and user needs to assign the packets for the access of

report in Report Gallery.

Bookmark report: user can bookmark the selected reports for quick access of the

selected report in future.

Note - How to bookmark the report?

  •  User can go to View Reports section.
  •  Select the report category and click on the star as shown in the below figure.