Zing Supports the following protocols for authentication of users on it systems :

1.     Azure Active Directory Services (More Info.)

2.     On Premise ADFS ( Active Directory Federation Services ) (More Info.)

3.     OAuth 2.0 for specific custom Customer Integrations. A standard product plugin does not currently exist . However custom work            with customers where required can be attempted.

4.     G-Suite SSO through the product plugin route is available in Zing .

5.     SAML 2.0 

Zing does not currently support , in its standard stack the following protocols :

1. Open ID Connect (OIDC)

Zing has the capability to create custom authentication integration protocols where the users are in excess of 1000 active users . 

You may reach Zing Business or Zing Authorized Business Partner's  SPOC/ Teams to understand the commercial investments required to make the custom integrations work for your organization.