Experience @ZingHR

Geo-configuration is process through which attendance mode PUNCHIN/PUNCHOUT can be configured in the system depending on IP /Location restriction.

Please replicate the below mentioned steps to configure the same.


Step 1 : Click on Geo Configuration Setup icon. 


Step 2 : For ADMIN  Tab :

After selecting the Geo configuration icon, you will be able to view the Geo configuration setup page. 

In that ADMIN option will create the IP address and Location in system as per below: 

Select Admin à Enter Location Title, IP Details à Save

Use the another Google browser for proper latitude and longitude with the help of Google Map.

After save the location it will add the location as below :

Step 3 :  For HR Tab

In HR option, assign the IP address and Location to the employee. 

In that two methods are use for assigning the IP address and Location to the employee as per below : 

(A) Single / Multiple selection  :

In that we can assign the IP address and Location for single employee as well as multiple selection of employee.  


Enter requested details (Employee Code / Employee Name) for single employee configuration along with ‘Geo Location’ , ‘Date Range’ , ‘Applicable’ with an option of PunchIN-PunchOut.
In below screenshot geo configuration mapping is done for one single employee.

(B) Attribute Filter Using : 

In that we can select any attribute then assign the IP address and Location to the employee code.

Eg. Select attribute as Location à Location Name à Apply

Step 4 :  Save configuration mapping done for single/multiple employees by following below steps :

Select employee location then open below showing screen then click on Save Configuration option, edit the IP address and Location then click on OK button.  


After click on the Ok button, data will show below :