How to add /update Master data from Front-end  (Bank,University,BloodGroup,City,State,Country,Qualification,Stream,Specialization )



Go to Employeemaster from Left hand side menu -- > Download Ed Template :

There is new sheet introduced, MasterDataUpload 

Remove First column from sheet, In mastertype add master name to be added for e.g. BankMaster,

UniversityMaster, CityMaster, In Type add A if addition or U if updation in master data

From other sheets, remove first column and keep only headers  

Otherwise you will be face No. Of columns mismatched error .

While adding master data citymaster, statemaster , streammaster and specialization has dependency hence you have to add state country while adding city.

Qualification ,stream , while adding specialization.


While adding any description was added wrong or any duplicate data then you can disable and update data with U action .


 while disable Applicable value should be 0 , While update Applicable value should be 1 , in code wrong value should be entered and in Description new value to be corrected has to add.


Reference template to update value :

Reference template for disable master data.