Does ZingHR product platform provide Customer Private Cloud Solutions? If yes, please give details.

ZingHR is a Public Cloud hosted HR SAAS product platform delivered on the Azure Public Cloud through global CDN networks. Customers from SMBs to the largest global enterprises with multi country, multi time zone requirements currently continue to use the public cloud successfully. Where there are private cloud requirements, the attempt is to meet them through the public cloud route using multiple other security technologies. However Private cloud solutions are not part of the product stack.


How does ZingHR continue to keep user experience constant and enhances it, in spite of huge number of users being added every month as subscribers to its HR SAAS cloud platform?

ZingHR uses the Global Azure Server stack with multiple technologies that power its operations for its customer organizations and its employees. It uses auto scale up resources where services are run on the micro-services architecture and also on sequential upgrades which are auto enabled. Spike loads therefore by design are handled through the server architecture. Further there is constant war room monitoring of what is called DEV OPS operations by the ZingHR DEV OPS and Engineering teams. Firewalls, Load Balancers, Sensors and many more technology components are part of the solution to keep service experience uniform irrespective of spikes in load.


Does the client require a dedicated hardware to use ZingHR product? 

No, ZingHR platform follows the model of Software As A Service (SaaS) 

ZingHR provides dedicated as well as United Hosting environment, and allows customers to select on demand as per their business need. ZingHR in United Hosting network is multi-tenant in nature, but all tenants are logically segregated.  

Private VM hosting are client specific with additional cost. 

Please reach out to your Sales contact for further information and requirements. 



What are the System Requirements to run ZingHR product? 

ZingHR is a SaaS Product and works perfectly on desktops with major browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. ZingHR mobile application is also available for Android on Google App Store and for iOS on Apple App Store. The recommended network bandwidth is 500-600 kbps 


What is ZingHR's Standard Network Diagram?