Does ZingHR have Hourly snapshots of all data volumes?

ZingHR does not take hourly snapshots as a product policy since we deal with terabytes of compute data already.


Versioning and archival of deleted data for up to 2 years. Can that be done?

Please refer the SLA policy.


Audit logs from application and infrastructure resources to be stored for up to 24 months. Can that be provided? What is the price?

Please refer the SLA policy.


Multi-region / countries backup with multi-layer redundancies. What is the cost of this service?

Please refer the SLA policy.


Need of monthly / quarterly Backup of Database dump. What is the cost of this service?

Please refer the SLA policy.


How does ZingHR maintain data backups? Is it full or Incremental? Is the backups are encrypted ?

All Customer data are hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud DC at Central India. ZingHR also have multiple application servers under load balancer. The daily differential and Monthly Full data backups are stored on Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage at South India. There are DB restoration from Backup Store - Tests done on periodic basis.

Yes, The backups are encrypted.



What action is taken in case backup fails through automated process?

Yes, This is very rare scenario which is not yet occurred.

Basis on alerts received we will re-execute the backup job.