Please find below steps for Payroll Roll Over.
1. Go to Payroll and compliance setup
Setup Circle -> Payroll and Compliance

2. Select Payroll All in role Dropdown and select Roll Over in configuration dropdown and then click on Go


3. On click on the ‘Go', one pop up screen will open.


4. Depending on the option selected, roll over will be done.

1). Declared and Verified to be 0 - All investments done will be removed and for new year, it has to be freshly entered.
2) Verified to Verified and Declared to Declared - Previous financial year Declared value will be considered for new financial year Declared value
3) Verified to Verified and Verified to Declared - Previous financial year Verified values will be considered as new financial year
4) Declared to Declared and Declared to Verified - Previous year Declared value will considered for new financial declaration and submission amount.

Suggested option 1 or 3.

investment data will be migrated for new financial year.

NOTE : Once the New Financial Year is opened, it is not possible to rollback to previous financial year.