ow to do ‘Edit Rejected Goal’ in PMS.

You can follow the below steps for editing rejected goal’ in Zing HR portal:

1. Log in to your Zing HR account.

2. On the home screen left-hand top side click on select grid menu, then ‘PMS ‘ as shown below.

3. On PMS dashboard page you can be able to see the ‘Policy ’ which is rejected by approver or

    line manager.

4. Click on the ‘Create Goals ’ button.

5. You can be able to see the both ‘Financial and Customer ’ goals.

Case - Financial goal is Approved by approver and Customer goal is Rejected.

6. Financial goal is already approved by approver, so employee’s will not be able to ‘Edit ’ this


7. Customer goal is rejected by approver so employees can be able to ‘Edit ’ this goal.

8. Next make proper changes and click on ‘Save'. Then click on the ‘Submit ’ button.