How to ‘Approve Goals’ in PMS.

You can follow the below steps for ‘Goal Approve’ on Zing HR :

1. Log in to your Zing HR account.

2. On the home screen left-hand top side click on select menu, then ‘PMS ‘ as shown below.

3. Next on ‘Dashboard’ page, select the policy which is submitted by the employee, under the

    ‘Pending’ tab.

4. Click on the ‘Approve Goals’ button.

5. Next you can be able to see the policy details along with ‘Approve and Reject’ button.

6. Click on ‘Approve’OR ‘Reject’ button and then click on the ‘Submit’ button.

    Note - If you want to approve first Goal and want to reject second Goal then you can do it. For 

               that click ‘Approve’ button in first policy and ‘Reject’ button under the second policy.