During confirmation of a candidate if we had set as “Confirmation form can be initiated 15 days prior to Confirmation”(eg:15 days)the confirmation notification will only be triggered to Manager 1 and the assessment form will also be triggered to M1 level or M2 level as per configured..However the rest managers can see the assessment form which is filled by M1. M1 wont get any email alerts but he only can see the notification.

It is mandatory for M1 level to fill the assessment form before filling the confirmation form..

How the flow works:

For Eg: MR.ABC is going to be confirmed on 15 Dec 2017 and as per the configuration his managers are (XYZ) as M1 , PQR as M2 and GHI as HR, so on 1 Dec 2017(We had set as 15 days prior notification)XYZ will get a notification on his portal as CONFIRMATION FOR ABC HAS BEEN INITIATED AND IS AWAITING FOR YOUR ACTION(He wont get email alerts) he can click on that notification then click on view option.

He can also mention Extension period if required and Date of Confirmation after extension period.

He can also choose letters in dropdown option of applicable letters whether it is for confirmation or probation.After then he can submit the form to next level .

If the assessment form is set in M1 level the manager has to first fill the assessment form of the employee then he needs to fill the confirmation form .

Once the M1 click on submit button a notification as well as email will be triggered to M2 level.

The next manager can view the letters which M1 had selected.M2 can also edit the fields if required.

Also M2 can only have the rights to view the assessment form which M1 has filled it and the workflow will go on...

When it comes to HR, If HR  finally confirms an employee then employee status will be changed to existing and an email will be triggered to an employee who has been confirmed.

Please Note:There will be no email trigger to employee if his probation has been extended.