Recruitment Process Flow

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Recruitment Setup/Process


 1. Tab : Planning and Budgeting

Planning and Budgeting is meant to budget positions and make sure to include organisation plans for expanding teams, along with planned departures.

As per the attribute configured for the planning and budgeting the screen will auto populate selected combination of matrix based on attribute units.


Next we have to click on Unfreeze This Budget so as to create a new budget.

[Note*:Only the admin user will have access for this option ]

 By doing so, we also create a new Version, which is displayed on screen along with timestamp.


Next step is to enter the budget number.


Once we enter the budget details, we need to click on Freeze This Budget, to freeze the budget details. 



Next we need to click on Add Description to add details in a requisition. We need to enter details such as employment type, job title, qualification, language skills, assets, etc. and click on save.

 Once we save, we need to click on Create Requisition to be able to create the newly added requisition in workflow.

2. Tab : Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is an ongoing strategy to find specialists, leaders, or future executives for your company.

Talent acquisition usually refers to the talent acquisition department or team within the Human Resources department who actually allocates the requisition.

 Next we have to go to Talent Acquisition for assigning the requisitions to different channels.



We need to assign exact number of positions to different TL’s which are displayed on screen.

We can assign equally or partially distributed hiring numbers to the TL’s.


 We can also choose to Post the Job internally which will be visible to all employees on homepage dashboard.


 Similarly, we can Post the job to Company’s Website under career section. (This section is under development currently).


3. Tab : Sourcing

Sourcing is the process of finding resumes within the recruitment process. Recruiters, both third party and corporate, need to find qualified candidates for their open job orders, oftentimes with very unique or niche work experience

Post this, we need to click on Sourcing to initiate the Candidate Process.

Select the newly created requisition from the search drop down.



Click on Add Applicant. 

Enter basic required details of the candidate, we need to fill in maximum details here as this data will be treated as master data when the candidate is hired and will be available under About Me section of portal.


        Click on Save.

4. Tab : Shortlisting

Shortlisting is the process of identifying the candidates from your applicant pool who best meet the required and desired criteria for the open req and who you want to move forward onto the next step of recruitment process, which is usually some form of interview.

Once we upload candidate data, we can proceed by forwarding the candidate to next step of short listing by clicking on Green Arrow.


Similarly, we need to do this for all further steps where in the candidate will move from different stages and finally land up in ecode generation screen.


5. Tab : Interview

Interviewing candidates is a stage in the recruitment process. Hence, to find the right person for a specific position, there should be a proper process, that has to be followed for the right results. Determine the requirements of the job. Conduct a thorough job analysis.

Next step is to Schedule the Interview of the candidate.

We need to select the candidate from left hand side menu, select the interview round which needs to be scheduled and then drag the candidate on a specific date on which the interview needs to be scheduled.





Once we drag the candidate to a particular date, we need to click on candidate name to get the Interview Panel Members populated out of which we can select any one and click on save to schedule the same.


We can book the entire day for Interview if not sure about the time slots or else if we want to map the time slots then we need to change the calendar view to Day from top right hand side of calendar.

Click on Save.

6. Tab : Assessment

Next step is to give Interview Feedback. Click on Assessment to get the candidate which has been forwarded to next stage for feedback.

 Provide the feedback in the form of ratings/comments etc.

 Either click on save as draft for future use or else click on Finalise and Forward


7. Tab : Pre-Offer Checklist

Here HR/ Candidate have to upload documents against pre defined checklist
either they can upload documents or else put comments in remarks section for mandatory checklist items

8. Tab : Pre-Offer Verification 

Once candidate/1hr upload document it will sent for verification. Either user can Verify all document in one go or else verified single document both can not work together. Once all document verified then only Finalized and ‘forward button will be enabled.

9. Tab : Salary Fitment

Then we define the salary structure for the candidate. The pre defined structure comes from Compensation and Benefits module which is linked with Recruitment.




 We can either have the values auto populated or enter it manually to change the figures, post discussion with the candidate.


We can enter the Monthly amount, if required, system will auto calculate the Yearly amount.

Click on Finalise and Forward.


10. Tab : Approvals

Next we come to Fitment Authorisation in which a senior or superior authority can validate and confirm on the structure designed for the candidate.

If required, the approver can edit the values and do a recalculation of fitment and approve.


11. Tab : Offer Letter

Next, the candidate is moved to Offer Letter stage where in basic details such as letter date, signatory, probation period, etc, are to be entered.




 Post entering required details, click on Generate Offer Letter.

 The letter is generated and displayed on the same screen below the offer details.




12. Tab : Offer Letter Acceptance

Next we have to go to Offer Letter Acceptance and forward the candidate to next step post acceptance from candidate.

Onboarding Process

13. Tab : Checklist

Please Note: Currently the acceptance happens offline.

The recruitment checklist is the recruitment tool that navigates managers during the process. The checklist describes the process briefly, and it highlights the main recruitment milestones. Managers do not use the recruitment and staffing processes on a daily basis. The checklist helps to avoid such mistakes.

 Next the candidate is moved to Checklist where in we have to enter all checklist item details.

Click on Submit.


14. Tab : Verification

Next step is to perform candidate verification.

 Follow the on screen details to do reference checks, enter previous employer details, etc.

Click on Finalise and Forward.

15. Tab : Joining Confirmation

Joining Confirmation is the stage where actually employee code is generated for selected candidate once all data is verified.

Next step is to enter the Joining Details of the candidate such as DOJ, DOC, Bank Details, Groups etc.

16. Tab : Appointment Letter

Last step in Recruitment Process is to generate the Appointment Letter by entering Joining Date,Letter Date, Signatories, etc and click on finalise and forward, the Appointment Letter is generated.

Post which, the ecode is generated along with Appointment Letter in downloadable format.

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